Neon Chalk Design Studio.

3D Modelling
3D models are the core of most modern games. We can create high polygon count models for movies and cut scenes, low polygon count models for real time rendering, or anything in between. Models we have created in the past range from environmental models such as trees and rocks to human character models.
3D Modelling
From a pine tree waving in a gentle breeze to intricate sword fighting maneuvers, animation is what brings a 3D game to life. Our animators can create realistic or stylized animations for your characters, or we can support a motion capture solution.

Texturing and 2D
In addition to textures for our 3D models, our texture artists can also create other 2D assets such as graphical user interface elements. Our 3D models are UV mapped to maximize texture resolution for important pieces of the model and to minimize texture seams.
Rendered Castle
Concept Art
Our concept artists can provide 2D concept art to help set the direction for a game before modelling and animating ever begins, reducing iteration time and making your development timelines more efficient.