Neon Chalk Design Studio.

Neon Chalk

logo Neon Chalk is a game and design studio located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our specialty is cross platform game creation for video games, online video slot machines, and mobile app games. Neon Chalk was founded by accomplished, professional game developers. Together the founders have over 30 years experience in the video game and casino gaming industries. With our gaming expertise we will work closely with our team to meet your game development schedule using proven process and procedures. Drawing from our industry knowledge and experience, we deliver assets that are optimized for your application and targeted device. Email us today for a quote, more information or gives us a call at (702) 997-3387.

Online Casino Games

Whether we design the game or you provide a specification, Neon Chalk can provide the graphical and audio assets you need. Our artists support varying styles, including prerendered, high resolution 3D graphics and custom 2D assets. Read More

Video Games

3D models are the core of most modern games. We can create high polygon count models for movies and cut scenes, low polygon count models for real time rendering, or anything in between. Models we have created in the past range from environmental models such as trees and rocks to human character models Read More

Mobile Apps

The mobile gaming industry has exploded with the introduction of the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Creating assets for these unique platforms requires an understanding of low polygon graphics and textures for optimal performance. Our artists can optimze the art assets to deliver a rich gaming experience on these mobile platforms Read More

Services and Contact

Let our experience help you deliver your app to as many platforms as possible. Our team has experience in all the major platforms and are familar with the strengths and weaknesses of each so that your app will perform to the best possible frame rates. Please review the details of what we can offer you and how to contact us Read More